With Nachtvocht, the energy literally drips off. Two worlds merge into a grueling journey through the night.
Nachtvocht is an electronic live act from Haarlem (NL), consisting of Matthijs Koster (music) and Pepijn Borgwat (visuals). They are known for their boundary-pushing live performances and innovative approach to electronic music. The music is quadraphonic and surrounds the audience, while the visuals are brewed live using liquids. The music and visuals literally influence each other, which creates an exuberant dynamic.
Inspirations from artists like Jamie XX, Photay, Max Cooper, Moderat, Bonobo, Bicep, and Weval are palpable in their musical creations. Their show offers a unique and festive journey through the night inspired by nature and psychology. Nachtvocht is committed to broadening the musical horizon and surprising listeners with unexpected twists and innovative sounds.
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